Benefits of Animation
Animation in movies, television, commercial media and corporate videos is increasingly being used because of it’s flexibility and cost effectiveness. It is a great way to add high impact to any visual material.

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Types of Animation
Benefits of Animation
Simple animations are one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available. They cost very little to produce and host on websites. Animation can also be a more cost effective process rather than the construction of miniatures or expensive set pieces and props. And there’s no royalties to pay!

The file size of simple animations make them efficient marketing tools to use on websites or in emails.

Because an animation is a computer generated file it can be exported to a wide range of formats which can be used across all forms of digital media.

Animations are ideal for many applications. From marketing messages to training videos to walk thru’ animations they can tell a story quickly, showing complex processes and give your viewer access to images that cannot be depicted easily using traditional film methods. Animations can demonstrate abstract concepts and designs, show microscopic or telescopic views of an object or provide a 360 degree rotation. They are excellent for explaining a future project, process or planned development.

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