What we do

UpsideDown provide brand implementation and promotional services for brand and marketing managers, graphic design agencies and their clients. Our extensive range of services include custom branded video production and animation for websites and social media. We also create customised templates for the Microsoft Office suite of programmes including Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel & Access.

Our Digital Media department can help with all aspects of video production, editing & animation for broadcast and the internet. We produce professional company profiles, customer testimonials, case studies, news updates & other creative video content for your website, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms and campaigns.

Our IT department can develop a range of Microsoft templates for your business that will ensure all your documents, both internal and external, adhere to your corporate brand guidelines. The templates can be designed to include your corporate colour scheme, logo, page layout, fonts, table formats, chart styles, heading levels, numbering styles and bullet styles. This allows staff to get on with the job of writing the document content whilst being confident that the formatting is correct.